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About Liquid Dynamics International

Liquid Dynamics International was originally set up in 1963 as HydroTrole Limited by Martin R Packer, an expert and innovator in Fluid Dynamics, manufacturing High Pressure Hydro-Pneumatic Equipment for the Petrochemical Industry. Throughout our 60 years of service, we have added trade names PulseGuard and ShockGuard as our range expanded, all under the banner of Liquid Dynamics International.

Initially our Products were Accumulators and Pulsation Preventors, during our many years we have developed a wider range of products for use throughout many industries and have thousands of our units in use Worldwide, some products are still in service 40 years after supply. We are proud of our product range and, in turn, manufacture each unit with pride

Pulsation Dampers

A Pulsation Damper is a liquid pressure container that reduces pressure variations and flow fluctuations. The container is often divided into two sides by a flexible membrane, diaphragm, bladder or flex-tube; one side containing compressible Oxygen Free Nitrogen Gas and the other side is the space through which the liquid travels. In the process of the Gas and the Liquid pressure working against the flexible membrane the Pressure and flow variations are reduced or “dampened”

Surge Alleviators

Shock & Surge Alleviators capture excess pressure, volume and flow in a piped system caused by surge, shock, or hammer. The excess is then released back into the system when it is safe to do so. All our Surge/Shock Alleviators work in the same way. They provide a soft place, so that the pump does not have to instantly accelerate all the liquid in the pipe system when it starts. Similarly, they provide a place into which flow can continue, for a time, against increasing resistance when a valve has been slammed.

Thermal Expansion Vessels

Thermal Expansion vessels provide a place for the liquid when the volume of the liquid in the system is increased by temperature, this is called Thermal Expansion.
Left unchecked thermal expansion can cause pipes to fracture valves and to fail if there is no extra space for the expanded liquid to go. Once the temperature has dropped and the liquid volume has reduced the unit will revert back to its normal state ready for the next cycle.


Hydropneumatic Accumulators are Bladder, Diaphragm or Piston type pressure vessels capable of storing large amounts of energy in comparison to their volume.

This comes from utilising incompressibility of fluids and the compressibility of an inert gas OFN (Oxygen Free Nitrogen), separated using a Bladder, Diaphragm or Piston.

Providing solutions for Pulse, Surge, Hammer, Thermal Expansion and Stored Energy to all parts of the world.

Industries such as:

Oil & Gas, Onshore, Offshore, Chemical, Food production and processing, Subsea, Water, Waste, Industrial / Manufacturing, Mining, Green Energy, Construction, Aviation, Shipping and Testing/R&D

Standard Products Range

Standard products range from 0.015Ltrs up to 1000Ltrs and pressures from 0 Bar up to 1000 Bar (14500 Psi). We also manufacture specials to suit the customers’ requirements.

Construction materials used range from Carbon Steels, 316 Stainless Steel, Duplex, Hastelloy, PVC and Nylon. With Diaphragm/Bladder materials ranging from PTFE, Viton, EPDM and Nitrile. We can generally supply most materials to suit our customers’ requirements.

Product Standards

All products are designed Generally In Accordance With ASME VIII Div 1 meeting the code requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) with CE markings or Pressure Equipment Safety Regulations (PESR) with UKCA markings. We can also design to various other standards and codes where required.

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